Baking Through the Alphabet: R is for Raspberry Chocolate Tart

Raspberry Chocolate Tart-5

If you’ve noticed on my Instagram posts lately, gracefulleats has a new friend: a marble slab. I’d been eyeing this slab since 2013 or so, but I was so hesitant because cheapo college kid me couldn’t imagine spending $50 on a piece of marble.

Raspberry Chocolate Tart-9

Since I am now a full-grown adult with a real paying job and doing this whole “adulting” thing (poorly but surely), I bought it.

Raspberry Chocolate Tart-4

Seriously, that $50 slab is a game changer. It does two things: keeps my pastries cold as I roll out dough, and 2) makes my pictures look soooo much better.

Raspberry Chocolate Tart-8

I’ve been helping my recently-engaged friend V brainstorm for things to put in her registry. It’s been interesting doing that because I get a chance to think about what I’d want in a dream kitchen–marble countertops, double ovens, an island, etc etc. Add in a nice rack on the ceiling to hang my pots and pans, ceramic jars for my flour, a walk-in pantry, and an unending supply of ingredients. Maybe one day I’ll have a kitchen where the dishwasher doesn’t double as a dish rack. A girl can dream, right? This marble slab will just have to do for now.

Raspberry Chocolate Tart-6

I bought the tart pan used in this post along with the marble slab. I also bought a bunch of other things–new measuring cups, new cookie scoop, etc–but that’s another story. It was a part of the “new kitchen, new things” mindset when I moved into my apartment.

Raspberry Chocolate Tart-3

Anyways, the hardest part about this tart was the crust. I didn’t have a food processor, so my friends and I crushed the graham crackers with a rolling pin and ziploc bags, sifted the large crumbs, and repeated the process. Struggles came back when I had to press the crust mixture into the pan, but it was worth it because the crust paired so well with the sweet raspberries and the creamy ganache (which was literally chocolate and cream). Top with raspberries on top, and voila! You’ve got yourself a raspberry chocolate tart.

Raspberry Chocolate Tart-7

Raspberry Chocolate Tart
Adapted from Martha Stewart
Makes one 14″ x 4.5″ or 9″ tart


For the Crust:
32 chocolate wafer cookies (I used 8 oz chocolate graham crackers), crushed
2 tablespoons sugar
pinch of salt
6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, melted

For the Ganache Filling:
12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips
pinch of salt
1 1/4 cups heavy cream

For the Topping:
Fresh Raspberries (I used about 12 ounces)

Preheat oven to 350F. In a medium bowl, combine crushed cookies, sugar, and pinch of salt. Add butter, and mix until it comes together. Press the crumbs firmly into pan (either a 9-inch fluted tart pan with a removable bottom or a 14″ x 4.5″ fluted tart pan with a removable bottom like I did). Place the pan on a baking sheet, and bake until the crust is dry and set, about 20 minutes. Let cool.

In a large bowl, add chocolate and a pinch of salt. In a small saucepan, bring the cream to a bare simmer over medium-high heat. Immediately pour the cream over the chocolate, and let it stand for one minute. Whisk gently until the chocolate melts and is completely smooth. Pour the chocolate into cooled tart shell, and refrigerate until set, about 30 minutes.

To serve, remove the tart from the pan, and top with raspberries, as desired. Enjoy!Raspberry Chocolate Tart-2

Raspberry Chocolate Tart